About Copper Lace Creations

I grew up in rural western New York where the summers were beautiful and the winters could be harsh. It was a simple time and I learned to love the earth and some of its many secrets. I enjoyed being outdoors exploring, hunting for treasures,
watching nature in all its splendor. I still do. I want to see more.

After I was a young girl, I traveled and explored many places within our great country.  I have never grown tired of going to new places. There is still so much to see and experience within nature itself. Life is fun when viewed as one big adventure. I want to see more.

Wire weaving is a relatively new adventure for me. My intense interest in wire weaving has caused me to start Copper Lace Creations. I now feel more in tune with the earth since I am directly working with many of the earth’s own treasures. I truly enjoy creating pieces of art because that is what I feel making jewelry is all about. I WANT TO SEE AND DO MORE!!!

Custom Designs

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